L.Ok. from Illinois writes: “I learn your articles weekly in The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus. I eat effectively and I cook dinner at dwelling. I’m 5-foot-5 and 167 years outdated. I train 3 times every week with Silver Sneakers and golf 9 holes driving a cart. I’ve simply misplaced 9 kilos as a result of well being points which can be resolving themselves. How do I return to consuming with out gaining again these 9 kilos?

Portion management has been a downfall for me as a result of I rationalize that what I eat is wholesome, so fill my dinner dimension plate! Appears like I’ve the reply, doesn’t it! Nonetheless, I would really like your feedback and ideas!”

Sure, you do have the reply, L.Ok. With regards to weight achieve, it truly is true that we are able to get an excessive amount of of a great factor. I really thought you had all of the solutions earlier than you clarified that you’re solely 67 and never 167 years outdated.

Your letter identifies a serious problem for us as we age. After 60, our our bodies require extra of sure vitamins (corresponding to calcium). On the similar time, we additionally want fewer energy than we did in our youthful years.

How can we do this? Check out your present meals selections. Many older Individuals don’t get sufficient important vitamins from meals corresponding to fruit, entire grains, dairy (excessive calcium) meals and greens, particularly purple and orange ones. And we are inclined to devour too many energy from goodies which can be loaded with sugar and fats, particularly the saturated sort. We have to flip these tables.

That’s the place portion management generally is a actual pal. Let’s say you’ve ready a wonderfully balanced meal: a small serving of protein corresponding to meat, fish, poultry, eggs, soy or cheese; a cup of greens; a serving of a whole-grain meals corresponding to bread, crackers or brown rice; and a cup of milk or calcium-fortified soy or different beverage.

However then there’s these cookies within the cupboard…

You possibly can select to have one or two. Or resolve as a substitute to chop recent fruit into a reasonably bowl and luxuriate in its pure candy style. That’s one method to nourish your physique with important vitamins with out blowing your energy for the day.

Good for you that you simply get common train and select healthful meals. One other technique that may hold off the kilos is a straightforward one: Get on the size as soon as every week. In case you see something creeping up, regulate your parts down — with particular consideration to the low nutrient extras corresponding to sweets, fat and alcohol.

Hope this helps. Thanks for writing.

(Barbara Intermill is a registered dietitian nutritionist and syndicated columnist. She is the creator of “Quinn-Important Vitamin: The Uncomplicated Science of Consuming.” Electronic mail her at [email protected].)

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